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Mid-Autumn in Traditional Chinese Paintings

China Cultural Center in Den Hang

Since ancient times, there have been many Chinese paintings based on the Mid-Autumn Festival, depicting the beautiful scenes of reunion, toasting to the moon and celebrating a good night with food and wines.

In line with the current exhibition Spring Fantasy 2021: A Healing Journey Through Mountains and Waters at the China Cultural Centre Den Haag, we would like to share some of the Chinese paintings related with the Mid-Autumn Festival with you, and we wish you a very special moon-moment with your family and loved ones.


A Cup In Hand Under the Moon
Southern Song Dynasty, Ma Yuan (1140-1225)
Ink and Color on Silk, 25.7x28 cm
A Cup In hand Under the Moon is a fine painting by Southern Song artist, Ma Yuan, that has been handed down over many years. It is only a one-fold page, the image composition is unique and elegant, allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the deep and profound imagery.

Light Scroll Under the Mellow Moon Painting Catalogue: Moon Watching on Qiong Deck
Qing Dynasty, Chen Mei (Unknown - 1864)
Ink and Color on Silk, 7x31.8 cm
This painting consists of a total of 12 folds and depicts the life of ladies in the Qing Dynasty over the 12 months of a year. Moon Watching on Qiong Deck on the 8th page depicts a moon watching scene during Mid-autumn.

Watching the Tide on A moonlit Night
Southern Song Dynasty, Li Song (1166-1243)
Ink and Color on Silk, 22.3x22cm
This painting precisely depicts a tide watching scene in Lin'an City of Southern Song on a Mid-Autumn night. The painter accurately captures the wonderful moment of a "one line tide" on a mid-autumn moonlit night. The single tide line occupies the center of the painting. Under the bright moon that is handing high in the sky, the tidal waves roll and surge, galloping and rushing towards the coast.

Chang’e Holding A Laurel
Ming Dynasty, Tang Yin (1470-1523)
Ink and Color on Paper, 135.3x58.4cm
Chang‘e Holding A Laurel is drawn using clear, fine round strokes to depict her face, hands and chest, and fluttering square strokes are used to depict her dress, shawl and belt. The painting combines both square and round strikes that are fine and smooth, full of flexibility and texture, thereby enhancing the dynamic beauty of Chang'e's light and elegant steps.

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