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The Organization

China Cultural Center Den Haag is a non-profit cultural institution set up by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China. It is dedicated to fostering the exchange and cooperation between China and the Netherlands in the field of culture and tourism.

Words from the Director

  • Since its opening in 2016, China Cultural Center Den Haag has benefited from the support from various sectors in China and the Netherlands, and has successfully organised diverse events and activities such as "Spring Fantasy", "Robert van Gulik and Chinese Culture", "Advanced Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Course", "Happy Chinese New Year" and "Charm of Water, Charm of Jiangsu", serving as an active window and bridge for cultural exchange and tourism cooperation between China and the Netherlands.

    China Cultural Centre Den Haag is committed to fostering cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation between China and the Netherlands. We warmly welcome your participation in our events and we wish to see you soon in future.

Contact us

Contact us


  • Q-Park Veerkaden

    Amsterdamse Veerkade 30, 2512 AJ Den Haag, the Netherlands

  • Tram: take tram 9, 15 or 16 from Den Haag Central station to Bierkade, and then walk around 110 meters to the destination.

    Bus: take bus 22, 24, or 28 to Nieuwe Haven, and then walk around 78 meters to the destination.

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