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The "Charm of Jiangsu" Under the Interweaving of Warp and Weft

China Cultural Center in Den Hang

The moistening of rivers, lakes and seas has created the watery charm and spirituality of Jiangsu Province, China.

During the Yuan Dynasty Yuanzhen period (1295-1296), Huang Dao Bao brought the advanced hand-weaving technology of southern China back to Songjiang, and the number of cotton weaving households in Songjiang rapidly grew to more than a thousand. "The cloth produced during the agricultural leisure time was counted in tens of thousands every day". By the Ming Dynasty, Suzhou and Songjiang counties developed into a national cotton textile center, and more than a hundred cloth towns engaged in the production and sale of cotton cloth were formed between the two provinces, and the development was even greater in the mid-Qing Dynasty, with the reputation of "clothing the world" and "the name of the four directions".

Today, weaving, dyeing and embroidery skills, as a brilliant achievement created by China's 4,000 years of sericulture, have formed distinctive features in Jiangsu Province after thousands of years of breeding and development, such as "wonderfully sophisticated tools and looms, complex and exquisite skill processes, and perfect and mature craft systems", from exquisite Su embroidery to folk embroidery work, from damask and silk satin, cloud brocade From exquisite Su embroidery to folk embroidery, from damask to silk, from cloud brocade to blue-dyed clay cloth ......, each craft and its related folk activities are still vibrant and dynamic, becoming an outstanding representative of Jiangsu's intangible cultural heritage, and an inseparable and important part of China's cultural heritage.

See people, see things, see life. The interweaving of warp and weft threads, the sublime decoration of dyeing and printing, the exquisite embroidery with needle instead of brush are the outstanding representatives of China's Jiangsu intangible cultural heritage: weaving, dyeing and embroidery skills, creating a splendid and beautiful piece of art.

Intangible cultural heritage inheritors Jun Guo

Intangible cultural heritage inheritors Shuangxi Zhou

Intangible cultural heritage inheritors Jingwen Huang

Special thanks to:
Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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