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“Tea and the World”Series Successfully Concludes

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

"Tea and the World - Gansu Cultural and Tourism Promotion week", jointly organized by the China Cultural Center in The Hague and the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, was concluded in the second week of May.

At the opening ceremony, tea masters showcased the profound Chinese tea culture with their skilled techniques. In addition to tasting Chinese tea, many guests were attracted to the paper-cutting heritage craft booth. The Dunhuang dance performances featured dancers in magnificent costumes, recreating classic images from Dunhuang murals with their graceful movements. The Yugu folk songs "Shepherd Girl" and "Homeland" displayed the unique ethnic customs of Northwest China, while the guqin performances "Flowing Water" and "Drunken Ecstasy" highlighted the charm of traditional Chinese music with their deep and resonant tones. The delegation also presented a promotional video for Gansu tourism and conducted a cultural and tourism promotion, inviting Dutch friends to visit Gansu for a journey of scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and culinary delights.

Photographs from the Event Venue

On the morning of May 15, as part of the series, the delegation was invited to the a local school at Amstelveen, where they introduced children the art of calligraphy, tea tasting, dance, traditional clothing, and the guqin.

In the afternoon, "Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and Philosophy Workshop" was held at the China Cultural Center in The Hague. Dr. Zhang Haiqing from the Gansu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited to give a lecture and provide free consultations. During the free consultation session, Dr. Zhang conducted on-site diagnosis and demonstrated treatments for conditions such as phlegm and blood stasis, cervical spondylosis, and periarthritis, while teaching related massage and acupuncture techniques.

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