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Ceramic Painting Workshop at Chinese New Year Celebration

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

On February 17th, the annual Rotterdam Chinese New Year Celebration (RCNY) took place in the Chinatown of Rotterdam, Netherlands. From 1PM to 5PM, the Chinatown area in the city center was transformed into a "pedestrian street," with car traffic restricted. Along the street, there were diverse food stalls offering signature delicacies, and various performances took place on small stages, providing a rich and exciting experience for the citizens.

In the Ceramic Painting Workshop hosted by Chinees Cultureel Centrum, the participants were first guided by the instructor to learned about different classical patterns of porcelain painting, and painted porcelain bowls to their own likings.

Approximately forty thousand people visited Chinatown on the day for the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year and experiencing the unique charm of Chinese culture.

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