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The Center Hosts the 2024 'Happy Spring Festival Concert'

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

On January 19, The Hague Chinese Cultural Center hosted the "Happy Spring Festival and New Year Concert" at Wittenburg Castle (KASTEEL DE WITTENBURG). Ambassador Tan Jian and his wife, Cultural Counselor Yu Jian, along with 120 guests from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and the Dutch art community attended the event.

Mascot ‘Lucky Dragon’ of the Year 2024

Ambassador Tan Jian expressed in his speech that the Spring Festival is the oldest and most significant traditional festival in Chinese culture, officially recognized as a United Nations holiday this year. The Year of the Dragon holds special significance for the Chinese, symbolizing auspiciousness. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the "open, pragmatic, and comprehensive partnership" between China and the Netherlands, he wished for continued collaboration and mutual benefit between the two countries, contributing to the world.

Ambassador Tan Jian's speech

Initiated by Xu Xiaojia, a Chinese musician living in the Netherlands, and featuring the renowned Erasmus Trio, the event showcased the fusion of Chinese and Western music, allowing the audience to appreciate the beauty of diverse cultures through music. The Erasmus Trio, a trio ensemble composed of musicians from different countries, demonstrated the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western music. After the concert, the ambassador presented the "Joyful Spring Festival" mascot for this year, the "Lucky Dragon," to the three artists.

Live performance by the artists

Since 2010, China has been promoting "Joyful Spring Festival" cultural activities overseas, celebrating the traditional festival, sharing Chinese culture, and enjoying good times with people around the world. As the first program of this year's "Joyful Spring Festival" series, the event received support from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, SAIC Motor MG, and the Wittenburg Castle.

To further celebrate the Lunar New Year, The Hague Chinese Cultural Center will launch the "Joyful Spring Festival - Theme Painting" tram on January 29 in The Hague and hold the "Joyful Spring Festival - Wu Opera Special Performance" in Katwijk on February 10.

The 2024 "Joyful Spring Festival" promotional poster by The Hague Chinese Cultural Center

Photographer: Wang Zehua

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