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Groundbreakers and Nanjing Troupes' Joint 'Monkey King' Performance

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

"Monkey King," directed by the choreographer Xu Cunsong, seamlessly integrates traditional Chinese classics with contemporary Dutch dance and Chinese acrobatic arts. The performance will be jointly presented by the Netherlands Groundbreakers Contemporary Dance Troupe and the Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe, offering the audience an exquisite blend of Eastern and Western artistic expressions.

"Monkey King" is a contemporary dance and acrobatics extravaganza inspired by the classic tale from one of China's Four Great Novels, "Journey to the West." The artistic reinterpretation of the Monkey King character through modern dance showcases his inner energy. Combined with the impeccable acrobatic skills of the Nanjing Acrobatics Troupe, the performance breathes new life into the timeless story, delivering a show that is both creatively rich and culturally immersive.

Performance Schedule:
02-12-2023 | Theatre Tamboer Hoogeveen | 8:00 pm (Netherlands Premiere)
08-12-2023 | Orpheus theatre Appeldoorn | 8:00 pm
13-12-2023 | De Regentes The Hague | 8:30 pm
15-12-2023 | Schouwburg Hengelo | 8:00 pm

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