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Recap of lecture by Tineke and Jeroen on China's Ceramic Cities

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

The curator of "Inspired by China, Heritage and Innovation", Tineke van Gils, had co-hosted with participating artist, Jeroen Bechtold, an insightful lecture on their craft and the age-old traditions of the craft in the ceramic capitals in China, namely Jingdezhen, Dehua and Yixing.

Jeroen Bechtold and Tineke van Gils spoke in great detail about their artwork as well as their time and experience in respective cities of Yixing, Jingdezhen and Dehua.

This event is co-organised with KVVAK (Royal Society of Friends of Asian Art). During the lecture there was also time for a tea tasting in Asian style, prepared by Natasja Roodbergen.

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