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An Artistic Dream of The Red Chamber Extends Now Until 22 July

China Cultural Center in Den Haag

The Dream of the Red Chamber(红楼梦)is an epic masterpiece with worldwide influence. It is an encyclopeadia of poetry, painting, medicine, utensils, food, tea, gardens, among others. It is an epitome of traditional Chinese culture. In November 2021, the first full Dutch translation of the 120-volume The Dream of the Red Chamber (De Droom van de Rode Kamer) by three Dutch sinologists and translators, Silvia Marijnissen, Mark Leenhouts, and Anne Sytske Keijser, which took 13 years to complete, was officially published.

An Artistic Dream of The Red Chamber​  focuses on ART and the many types of artistic creations derived from the great novel "The Dream of the Red Chamber". Among them, a 5-meter-long limited-edition replica by Dai Dunbang (1938) vividly re-enacts more than one hundred characters in "The Dream of the Red Chamber". Mr. Zhou Lesheng, a Den Haag-based Chinese painter, who is also a student and friend of Dai Dunbang, was invited to create ink scrolls of 6 major female characters from the novel, which is also a highlight of the exhibition.

A large number of exhibits could be “touched” by the audience, allowing visitors to read and explore more closely, such as the illustration books of Dream of the Red Chamber by the well-known painters Sun Wen (1818~?) and Dai Dunbang (1938), etc. Children are also welcome to the exhibition, they could make sketches and colorings on the characters from the novel, experiencing the classics while having fun.

The exhibition has been extended to 22 July and is open from 1pm to 5pm every Tuesday to Friday. Admission to the exhibition is free and no booking is required.

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