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Qigong practitioners participate in the 2021 - World Health Qigong Day

China Cultural Center in Den Hang

On September 11, China Cultural Centre Den Haag, together with the Dutch Health Qigong Association (DHQA), organised "2021 - World Health Qigong Day" in Speeltuin Frederik Hendrikplein, Den Haag. This event attracted nearly 100 fitness qigong lovers from all walks of life in the Netherlands, in particular from the diplomatic communities. Among the participants, the youngest was just 5 years old and the oldest was 85 years old.


2021 - World Health Qigong Day

Mr. Fei Yu Liang (centre), President of the Dutch Health Qigong Association, leading the practice


"World Health Qigong Day" is organised by the International Health Qigong Federation headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and co-organised by more than 150 member organisations in 54 countries around the world, with the aim of promoting health and fitness among people in the spirit of peace, exchange, understanding and cooperation. Since 2018, this day has been fixed as the second Saturday of September every year, and is a festival for fitness qigong enthusiasts around the world.

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