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Chinese for Beginners 1

China Cultural Center in Den Haag
Chinese for Beginners 1
10 lessons of 1,5 hours each 
Duration: Wednesday 18.00 - 19.30 or Thursday 18.00 - 19.30
Starting from: 28.09.2022 / 29.09.2022
Course fee: €200
Why study at China Cultural Center Den Haag?
· Prime location in Den Haag city center
· Prior access to the exhibitions and workshops organised seasonally of diverse themes
· Exclusive access to our own library filled with well-selected Chinese novels, history books, art books, films etc.
· Experienced teachers with proven record in their expertise and giving lessons
· Non-profit cultural organisation set up by Ministry of culture and tourism of China, dedicated to facilitating the communication between China and the Netherlands
About the course
This is the first of the two modules of HSK 1. 
This course is intended for adult learners who are interested in learning the Chinese language. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required. The syllabus contains Pinyin, stories of characters and writing, basic sentence patterns and cultural activities. You will be able to read and write simple characters, introduce yourself and use simple sentences to communicate with Chinese speakers as well as understand a bit more about Chinese culture. 
HSK 1 Standard Course Book, 30 euros, excluding delivery fee.
You can purchase the textbooks from the course instructor. 
The cost of the textbook is not included in the course fee.
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Course Instructor
Hailian Zhang
Hailian integrates stories and experiences into the lesson to help students better understand the culture. She has studied in China and Japan, where she received her master’s degree in education psychology. Her academic background coupled with her extended international experiences enables her to give well-structured and engaging lessons. 

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