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CCCHague User Privacy Protection Policy


If you use the services provided by CCCHague on the platform of PC website and mobile website, CCCHague, as the data processing party, may collect and handle your personal data. This Privacy Protection Policy is closed related with the CCCHague services. Please read it carefully. By using or continuing using our services, you are assumed to have agreed this Privacy Protection Policy.

CCCHague does our best to protect the privacy of yours and of the visitors on PC website, mobile website and APP. All the behaviours of processing personal data within the frame of provided services comply with the local personal data protection regulations, especially the regulations from Freedom of Information Act (revised edition) on 06-Jan-1978 and GDPR (EU Code 2016/679).

CCCHague is responsible for processing personal data under above mentioned regulations, which respectively stipulate the duty for observing personal data protection policy.

To ensure that these regulations are executed in practice, CCCHague has appointed a data protection officer who is responsible for contacting CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés). CCCHague has also undertaken proper internal procedures to improve the awareness of its employees for protecting personal data as well as ensure internal personnels to comply with these regulations.
Article 1 Definitions

The definitions in this privacy protection policy are listed below:

Applied privacy policies: The General Data Protection Regulation;“GDPR” and related Dutch laws.

Agreement: CCCHague User Service Agreement that is signed between you and CCCHague.

Personal data: All information, which is defined in Article 3 of this policy, regarding the natural persons that CCCHague handles, recognises or that is recognised by CCCHague.

Processing: Single or a series of executions that are conducted towards personal data or a series of personal data, whether through automatic processing or not. (such executions include disclosure, circulation and other provisions, permutation and combination, limitation deletion, abolishing through the collection, record, edition, structured approaching, storage, modification, recovery, referencing, application and transfer of data)

Administrator: the natural person, legal person, governmental organisations that unilaterally or mutually decide data processing with others.

Dutchman: the PC website and mobile website of CCCHague.

CCCHague Website: www.

CCCHague Users: the users using relevant services of CCCHague, more frequently referred as “you” in this agreement.

CCCHague belongs: Stichting China Cultural Center The Hague

Contact information:

Address: Spui 186, 2511 BW, Den Haag
Article 2 Scope of Application

2.1 This privacy protection policy applies to the administrative scope of the privacy protection regulations that are applied during the process when users independently utilise the services of CCCHague and when CCCHague handles the personal data during its service. The administrator hereby is CCCHague.

2.2 CCCHague may contain third party information (e.g. hyperlink, tags etc.) CCCHague has no control over such third party information. CCCHague is not responsible for whether the third party complies with the applied privacy protection regulations. CCCHague users are advised to carefully read the privacy protection policies of the third party website that they are viewing.
Article 3 Collection of Personal Data

3.1 CCCHague may collect the below personal data from CCCHague users:


3.2 Unless otherwise stipulated in privacy regulations, CCCHague will not collect sensitive personal data such as passport information or health data through CCCHague.

3.3 CCCHague collects data when users conduct below actions.

a. leave a message in CCCHague

b. Subscribe infomations in CCCHague

c. recruitment: users seeks to be recruited through CCCHague website. CCCHague will collect the personal data in order to process relevant recruitments

3.4 CCCHague only processes personal data under the prerequisite of having applied privacy protection regulations that are stipulated in this policy.
Article 4 Purpose and Legal Base of Data Processing

4.1 CCCHague only collects, processes personal data for the below purposes.

b. communication: CCCHague may use the personal data for the below purposes:

(i) communicate to users about CCCHague products and services;

(ii) inform the users important information when using CCCHague;

(iii) deal with complaints.

4.2 Purposes other than purposes listed above. Before further processing such data beyond the above listed purposes, CCCHague will provide relevant information regarding the other purposes and relevant additional information.
Article 5 Data Transfer to the Third Party

The personal data collected from users will be shared within CCCHague internally.
Article 6 Security

6.1 In order to protect user’s personal data, CCCHague undertakes proper organisational, technical security measures in prevention of the illegal usage, loss and modification of personal data. Besides, the access to visiting personal data is only granted to the employees, agents, trustees or other third parties for whom it is absolutely necessary to visit this data. These people are subject to confidentiality policy stipulated in their employment contract or data processing contract.

6.2 CCCHague has made internal information security guidelines, including data violation protection policies about how to handle the situations when personal data is violated. When privacy protection regulations require, CCCHague will notify it to relevant supervision organisations and data subjects.
Article 7 Duration of Storage

7.1 CCCHague will not store the user’s personal data beyond the extent required to fulfil the purpose of collecting such data.

7.2 Users can ask CCCHague to delete personal data at any time. Besides, CCCHague will delete the personal data when the data is no longer needed, taken into consideration the purpose of collecting or processing such data.
Article 8 Cookies

8.1 CCCHague uses Cookie in order to function normally.

8.2 Cookies are the information stored on user’s computer through browsers. CCCHague uses different types of cookies according to different purposes.

a. Functional cookies are the cookies necessary for CCCHague to function normally, including cookies needed in the registration of account.

b. Analytical cookies are the cookies of obtaining relevant information about how users use CCCHague. CCCHague can take advantage of such information to improve the CCCHague terminals and match its contents with the areas and events that users focus. The data obtained by CCCHague from the cookies is only used for analysing the utilisation of CCCHague website.

8.3 CCCHague only uses the cookies of the third party for the purpose of improving the quality and effectiveness of CCCHague services. For example, using Adobe Analytics。Adobe Analytics that is set in a form focused on privacy is the tool that CCCHague uses to handle the IP addresses.

8.4 Almost all browsers set the cookies on by default. If the cookies on the browsers are off, notification will be displayed when sending cookies. But in case the cookies are off, the functions and services on CCCHague and other websites may not function normally.
Article 9 User’s Rights

9.1 When the processing of personal data is based on approval from the users, the users have the right to cancel his/her approval of data provision at any time.

9.2 Users have the right to visit his/her personal data. As a result, users can receive the copy of his/her personal data that is owned by CCCHague.

9.3 Users have the right to revise his/her personal data owned by CCCHague. As a result, they can revise any incomplete or incorrect data that belongs to themselves.

9.4 Users have the right to delete his/her personal data. As a result, they can delete his/her personal data that is still processed by CCCHague when CCCHague has no proper reasons for doing so.

9.5 Users have the right to appeal against any personal data of his/her own that is obtained by CCCHague for the purpose of obtaining legitimate interest. When CCCHague processes personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, CCCHague often receives appeals from the users. When processing data for other purposes, CCCHague will:

(i) consider user’s interests, rights and freedom as our priority;

(ii) terminate the data processing, unless for inevitable justified reasons such as the launch, execution or evidence provision in a legal procedure.

9.6 Users have the right to restrict the process of own personal data.

9.7 Users have the right to demand own data to be transferred to himself/herself or third party. CCCHague will provide the users or the third party appointed by the users with the personal data in the format that is structured, commonly-used, readable by the machine. Please note that this right only applies to the automatic processed information that has originally obtained approval from users, or that is used by CCCHague for fulfilling the agreement with the users.

9.8 No cost is charged for exercising above rights. CCCHague is obliged, immediately or in all cases within one month after receiving the requests from the users, to provide relevant information regarding the progress of handling user’s requests. Based on the complexity and quantity of the request, such handling period can be extended to two months. When such extension is required, users will be notified within one month after CCCHague receives the user’s request.

9.9 When the users over-demand, or their requests lack supporting evidence, especially when users are suspected of repeated requests, CCCHague will require users to pay a reasonable fee.

9.10 Besides the above rights, users also have the right to report the violation against their rights to the supervision departments (especially for data such as the user’s address or workplace whose unlawful disclosure is considered by EU to be a violation of GDPR) at any time. However, CCCHague expects that users can get in touch with us first and give us the chance to handle your appeal before planning to speak directly with the supervision departments.
Article 10 Contact information

When you have a question for us, plan to lodge a complaint or wish to exercise your rights stipulated in Article 9 of this agreement, please contact the below department:

Contact person: Customer Service Department
Address: Spui 186, 2511 BW, Den Haag
Article 11 General Terms

11.1 CCCHague has the right to delete user’s account at any time without prior notice. When deleting the account, CCCHague is in no means liable for the users.

11.2 CCCHague reserves the right to revise this privacy protection policy on a regular basis. Users are obliged to regularly confirm the applied terms. 

11.3 When certain terms in this privacy policy contradict with the laws and regulations, such terms shall, within the scope of laws and regulations, be replaced to another terms that can reflect the same purpose or have the same major contents. In this case, the other terms stay unchanged and continue to be effective.

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