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Mid-Autumn Workshop for Kids: The Legend of the Moon Rabbit

China Cultural Center in Den Hang

On 18 September, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and also as a part of current exhibition Spring Fantasy 2021: A Healing Journey Through Mountains and Waters, the Center invited 10 kids from Den Haag and the vicinity to participate in “Mid-Autumn Workshop for Kids: The legend of The Moon Rabbit”, which was taught by exhibition co-curator Yu Minhong and professional children's illustrator Ma Siyuan. With the traditional Chinese story "The Legend of The Moon Rabbit" as the theme, the children created their own full moon and moon rabbit, experiencing the fun of creative ink painting.

Ms. Yu Minhong 
Independent artist, graphic designer and curator
Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication from the Central Academy of Fine Arts
Master’s degree from Rietveld Institute of Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Participated in Dutch Asian Film Festival, Leiden Short Film Festival, etc.

Ms. Ma Siyuan
Freelance illustrator
Bachelor's degree from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
Master’s degree in Illustration and Publishing at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy
Illustrated book and brand design at HAW, Hamburg, Germany
Participated in many art exhibitions, dedicated to the children's picture book publishing industry

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